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QAA Feedback on EQAR Application Process

We wish to invite you to share your feedback on your last application for initial inclusion/renewal of registration based on ESG 2015 within the following survey considering e.g. the clarity and usefulness of the guide for applicants, EQAR website, procedures or policies and communication with the EQAR Secretariat.

While this is a voluntary exercise we wish to underline that your responses will help us address possible issues and improve the process for future applications.

The questionnaire also allows you to submit your feedback anonymously, if you prefer to do so and it should take between 5 and 10 minutes, the most. Please note that all questions marked with * require a response.

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EQAR Applicantion Process
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The most recent application made by your agency was:
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Please assess the application process comparing it to the previous time your agency applied for initial or renewal of registration:

EQAR changed its application process in 2015.

A short summary of the main changes in the application process are described in the following table. Please see the Transition to the revised ESG for further information.

Please comment on the improved aspects:
Please comment on the negative aspects the new application process:
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Did the Guide for Agencies provide you with all necessary information to enable you to make your application?

What kind of information was missing from the Guide for Applicants that would have helped you with your application?
Which other sources of information did you consult to prepare your application to EQAR?
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How satisfied are you with the following aspects?
Eligibility verification step Clarity of the whole application process Transparency of criteria for inclusion and their interpretation Proportionate, consistent and fair decision-making Information on the EQAR website Availability for requests, questions etc.
somewhat satisfied
somewhat dissatisfied
cannot tell
Please comment on the aspects you feel (somewhat) dissatisfied:
Which issues did you find that might have been unclear, ambiguous or difficult to understand, and would benefit from more information, explanation or clarification to help your application?
How could EQAR improve the application process, its website, the information/guidance for applicants and/or feedback possibilities for quality assurance agencies?